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Nutritional Therapy Testimonials

‘Thanks for giving me my life back!’ I can’t believe I put up with the discomfort so long – I’d forgotten what it was like to not be in pain and was virtually housebound and frightened to eat everything. After just a few weeks and two visits (Lynne came to my home) I felt a totally different person. Twelve months on and I haven’t had any recurrence of my symptoms. Thanks again Lynne – Amy (Durham)

“I contacted Lynne in desperation for my growing grandson who at the age of 12 was gaining weight and I felt it was getting out of hand and just did not know where to turn. Lynne was like a breath of fresh air who has completely re educated not only my grandson Benjamin, but also my husband and myself on healthy eating and the difficulties one faces when doing the weekly shop. We now know how to read those cryptic food labels and prepare more healthy balanced meals. We feel empowered that we are making an informed choice. ‘Knowledge is power’ and Lynne provides the knowledge and support in an easy to understand way. What we have learnt is not for the short term, it is for life. Many many thanks Lynne” – Shirl (Durham)

“I just wanted to thank you again for my consultation yesterday; I found it very interesting and full of practical advice and I have already made some changes to my diet today. Feeling much better for a proactive approach!” - Lynne  (Gateshead)

“Lynne’s help was invaluable in helping me to recover after a major illness. She gave me lots of useful and practical advice about the type of foods I needed to eat and how to increase their absorption. Her guidance helped me to significantly improve my iron levels and also to gain weight when I was struggling to eat.” - Maureen (Salford)

“Despite ‘healthy eating’ I had been struggling to lose weight. I was also suffering from considerable joint pain. Lynne showed me how even small changes to diet and lifestyle could help me to reach my target weight and also help to control the inflammation which was associated with my joint pain.” - Dorothy (Lancashire)

“The session was extremely interesting and helped me to understand the importance of combining food groups that work well together. I was also interested to learn that not all foods marked as healthy are as good for you as you might think. The advice I was given helped me to lose weight before my wedding and, more importantly, made me feel healthier and happier that I am looking after myself.” - Jodie (Manchester)

“I arranged a consultation with Lynne because I wanted some professional advice on how I could make improvements to my diet and intake of supplements. Although I do not have any particular health issues, I have always felt my digestive system was sluggish and I particularly wanted to improve my energy levels. Lynne was extremely helpful in recommending the supplements that would be of most benefit to me and explained how I could make small changes in my dietary habits that would be easy to introduce and sustain. The report she prepared for me following my consultation is really useful as an on-going reference guide. I found her advice extremely helpful and I have already recommended her to friends, who have been equally pleased with her advice.” - Kath (Durham)

“Lynne’s approach is relaxed, friendly while at the same time gently analytical. She is very knowledgeable in nutritional matters. Without doubt she is a master practitioner who offers sound advice on the way forward. I have no hesitation in highly recommending her services.” - Leo (Durham)

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